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What are the most common sports-related personal injury causes?

Spending time outside can be a lot of fun, especially in the summer. However, outdoor activities often also come with risks. According to research, here are some of the sports and activities that most often result in a personal injury. Active individuals in Ontario should take extra precautions when participating in these activities.

Cycling is a popular activity, but can also be a risky one. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, there were 4,268 hospitalizations due to cycling injuries across Canada last year. The second most common activity resulting in injuries across Canada is driving an all-terrain vehicle, with 2,834 injuries last year.

Some activities that may seem low risk can actually result in a multitude of injuries. For example, playgrounds were responsible for over 2,000 injuries across the country last year. Other top causes of personal injury in the country included animal riding, hockey, skiing and snowboarding. Falls on ice were not considered in this year's data, but were high on the list in past years.

According to the research, men are more likely to be hospitalized from sports activities in Canada, while playground and toboggan injuries have an equal male and female split. Due in part to its high population, there are more hospitalizations from sports-related personal injury in Ontario than in any other province. Depending on the nature of the injury, liability or insurance may come into play; for example, vehicular insurance may cover injuries from all terrain vehicles. Those who suffer from injuries due to these incidents should work with a lawyer to understand their legal options to pay for medical expenses and damages.

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