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Personal injury coverage for minor injuries raised by lawmakers

Many people across Canada are concerned by growing auto insurance costs. Since insurance is legally required in Ontario, insurance professionals and lawmakers have been discussing options to help lighten the monthly bill for people across the province. One of the recent conversations has revolved around whether people should be able to opt out of accident benefits for minor personal injury.

For now, no official recommendation has been made on this issue by the government. However, the question of whether consumers should be allowed to opt out was raised in an April 2017 report for the Ministry of Finance entitled "Fair Benefits Fairly Delivered: A Review of the Auto Insurance System in Ontario." The question only pertained to less serious injuries.

In Ontario, workplace benefits pay out on such injuries before auto insurance. Some people may feel that this, combined with basic auto insurance will cover them in case of major or minor personal injury. However, one Ontario broker noted that making this option available could hurt the most vulnerable, as those who need to save on premiums would not necessarily be the same people with a high level of workplace coverage.

In Ontario, vehicle owners must buy third-party liability insurance along with first-party accident benefits. This protects all of those injured in auto accidents. There are also many laws that govern how insurance companies must provide their services, so those who are facing a personal injury from a car accident should be protected. Those needing support to get what they deserve in a personal injury case should work with a lawyer in the province.

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