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Avoid these common driving mistakes to prevent personal injury

Many drivers do their best to follow the rules of the road, but from time to time they make mistakes. In some cases, the missteps might be due to a lack of understanding or knowledge of Ontario traffic laws. Understanding all regulations and best practices while driving can not only help drivers prevent tickets, but can keep them safe from car accidents causing personal injury or death.

Hazard lights are often misused by Ontario drivers, in part because the province's Highway Traffic Act does not include specifics about when and how they should be used. However, drivers should be aware that the only safe time to turn on hazard lights is when pulled over on the roadside or in an emergency situation. In most cases, they should not be used simply due to bad weather or to signal transporting heavy items.

Ontario workplaces aware of personal injury hazards, survey finds

Workplace injuries are a serious concern across Ontario. According to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), employers across the province improved safety by 1.6 percent this year. The figure is based on the Health and Safety Index, which WSIB introduced in May 2017 to address personal injury in Ontario workplaces.

One WSIB spokesperson says the improvement is in part due to increased knowledge about workplace hazards in Ontario. The data from the year prior was used to clarify and prioritize certain awareness initiatives, focusing resources on areas that had clear need. The biggest improvement was seen in the construction industry, with a 3.7 percent increase.

What are the most common sports-related personal injury causes?

Spending time outside can be a lot of fun, especially in the summer. However, outdoor activities often also come with risks. According to research, here are some of the sports and activities that most often result in a personal injury. Active individuals in Ontario should take extra precautions when participating in these activities.

Cycling is a popular activity, but can also be a risky one. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, there were 4,268 hospitalizations due to cycling injuries across Canada last year. The second most common activity resulting in injuries across Canada is driving an all-terrain vehicle, with 2,834 injuries last year.

How to best recognize and avoid dangerous drivers

Car accidents are naturally traumatic experiences, which typically cause unanticipated financial losses along with psychological and physical damages. Authorities say most crashes are preventable; however, even if you practice safe driving habits, the potential always exists for falling victim to the negligence of other road users.

Although auto manufacturers use advanced technology to improve vehicle safety, traffic safety authorities say the leading cause of road accident fatalities is not mechanical failure or faulty safety features. Instead, vehicle operators cause most of the injuries and fatalities on Ontario roads.

Personal injury coverage for minor injuries raised by lawmakers

Many people across Canada are concerned by growing auto insurance costs. Since insurance is legally required in Ontario, insurance professionals and lawmakers have been discussing options to help lighten the monthly bill for people across the province. One of the recent conversations has revolved around whether people should be able to opt out of accident benefits for minor personal injury.

For now, no official recommendation has been made on this issue by the government. However, the question of whether consumers should be allowed to opt out was raised in an April 2017 report for the Ministry of Finance entitled "Fair Benefits Fairly Delivered: A Review of the Auto Insurance System in Ontario." The question only pertained to less serious injuries.

What You Should Know About Bicycle Safety

There is no question that cycling is a type of transportation that offers tremendous benefits. Riders enjoy increased health and wellness, there is less pollution and congestion on city streets, and the cost of operating a bicycle is significantly lower than maintaining a car.

Unfortunately, riding a bicycle can also be dangerous. Collisions with motor vehicles are a real and serious concern, especially in busy cities or places with inadequate infrastructure. Understanding the basics concerning bicycle safety is the first step in keeping yourself, and those around you, safe.

What You Need To Know About Concussions

While concussions are sometimes perceived as minor, they have the potential to result in devastating long-term consequences. Understanding a concussion diagnosis and seeking appropriate treatment can make a difference. From recognizing symptoms to finding support, taking the time to learn about concussions can be a critical step in moving forward.


Auto Insurance Groups Propose Changes To Injury Claims

Proposed changed on behalf of auto vehicle insurance companies aim to restrict the criteria for personal injury victims to bring a claim for compensation to court.

As outlined on the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association website, insurance companies are trying to persuade the Ontario government to implement changes that will make it harder to qualify for compensation.

Hockey bodychecking and personal injury debate heats up

Contact sports may be fun for some, but others can face devastating consequences when hit too hard during a game. This is at the root of a current debate among Ontario high-school athletic associations. Some believe that hitting leads to too much personal injury risks, while others believe it is a necessary part of the popular sport.

One of the biggest personal injury concerns related to high school hockey is the risk of brain injuries. Awareness about concussion safety is growing across Ontario, and the topic has opened a debate about contact sports in school environments. The recent passing of Rowan's Law, which requires concussion safety measures be put in place for young athletes, has made this an even hotter topic.

The Life Of A Personal Injury Case

When people get injured, their main focus is on getting better. When they require legal services, their main priorities are costs, and what their lawyers need from them. Before victims retain a lawyer, many often have no understanding of how the legal process works.

The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association recognizes this need for better understanding of the judicial system. They recently published an article about the legal process to inform injury suffers what the life of their personal injury case will look like, and how lawyers build their cases in between court dates.

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