Some of the more recent results achieved by Sulaiman Mangal and his team include the following:


$3,290,000 settlement of lottery case involving a couple where one half felt the winnings only belonged to him and not his partner. After a long and hard battle we were able to secure an exceptional result for our client.


$2,500,000 settlement of lottery case amongst co-workers where one worker who was responsible for lottery ticket purchase claimed the winnings did not belong to the group. We represented the group and, after a very difficult battle, achieved an exceptional settlement.


Nearly $1,000,000 settlement for victim of motor vehicle accident where our client, in his late 50s, suffered from chronic pain and major depression which prevented him from continuing to work


Approximately $600,000 for car accident victim with serious shoulder injury who was a homemaker in her 60s with no history of employment.


Nearly $400,000 for mother of teenager who was tragically killed in a car accident.


$250,000 for car accident victim with serious injuries to lower back and was a homemaker in her 40s.


$250,000 settlement for a female in her late 40s who was involved in a collision wherein her car sustained less than $500 worth of damage but she developed chronic pain which prevented her from continuing her employment


$140,000 for trip and fall victim in his 40s who severely twisted his knee requiring surgery but did not lose any income.


$100,000 for car accident victim who never missed work but suffered from serious chronic pain

These are just some examples of the hundreds of successful results achieved for clients. All cases are fact driven and depend entirely on the evidence available to support the case. Call for a FREE INTIAL CONSULTATION at 289-814-5838 or 24 hours at 416 706 7413.