The Impact Of Psychological Injuries

Not all injuries suffered after an accident are physical. Post traumatic stress, anxiety, fear, depression and suicidal thoughts are known as psychological injuries. The effects of psychological injuries can impact how you perform your job, your ability to provide and care for dependants, and the quality of your domestic relationships.

My name is Sulaiman Mangal. Operating in Toronto , Ontario, my firm, Sulaiman Mangal Professional Corporation, has helped victims suffering from mental health issues as a result of their injuries settle their claims for exceptional amounts.

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As the named lawyer of Sulaiman Mangal Professional Corporation, your case will be personally looked after by me. This means you can contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about your case. I will contact you with any updates and check in to see if there are any changes to your situation.

I will consult your doctors and other experts on your recovery and how you are coping after the accident. I ensure every significant detail of your injury is documented to show its impact on your lifestyle over time.

A Clear Outline Of The Legal System

As an experienced personal injury lawyer, I have gained valuable insight into how best to tell your story. With the assistance of the most appropriate experts, I will illustrate your case to get you a meaningful result. Every case is really about a story, and the better your story is presented the better the results of your case will be. With the right expert opinions and the facts of your life, I will use my advocacy to tell your story in a persuasive manner to attract the best settlement or result at trial for you.

I leverage this experience to give clients as smooth and as quick a process as the file allows. Whatever delays or challenges arise, we'll know how to prepare and position your case to protect your interests and pursue the compensation you need.

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