Legal Support For Concussions And Brain Injuries

Concussions and brain injuries can range from minor bumps and bruises to the head to more severe injuries that carry long-term consequences. The consequences of these injuries are not always present immediately following an accident.

My name is Sulaiman Mangal. At my personal injury law firm, Sulaiman Mangal Professional Corporation, I understand how severe injuries can affect your life after an accident. My goal is to make sure you get the compensation you need for your losses in order to move forward. My firm offers legal services to clients in Toronto, Etobicoke, and throughout Peel Region.

Addressing Your Needs

Sulaiman Mangal Professional Corporation makes sure to understand exactly what your needs are and how to effectively pursue compensation for them. This means I will check in on your condition and consult with your doctors and other specialists.

As the named lawyer, I will be the lawyer personally working on your file. My goal is to provide a clear picture of your life before the accident and the impact the injury suffered will have on your future. I believe that pursuing compensation is not about blame but about your right to financial resources for your losses after an accident.

Barriers To Insurance Coverage

Whether it's through your own personal accident benefits insurance coverage or by suing the at-fault party, we know how your injuries and impairments fit into the insurance matrix and the civil court system. We leverage our knowledge and experience working with insurance companies to help advocate for your needs and losses.

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