Legal Assistance For Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents

Sharing crosswalks, sidewalks, streets and roads with motor vehicles can result in severe accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. Even opening a car door as a cyclist is approaching can result in a serious spinal cord injury, concussion or other injury.

At Sulaiman Mangal Professional Corporation, my team has helped personal injury victims throughout Toronto, Mississauga, and throughout Peel Region receive the financial compensation they require to get back to their regular routine, or as close to it, after an accident.

Services You Can Trust

At Sulaiman Mangal Professional Corporation, your matter won't be passed down to a junior associate. There won't be multiple lawyers advising on your matter and charging individual fees. My name is Sulaiman Mangal, and I will personally be working on your matter. With nearly 20 years of experience working on accident claims, I have extensive knowledge on how to negotiate an effective settlement.

I understand the facts that need to be proven and what documentation is required to pursue adequate compensation. I help you build your case by:

  • Checking in with you as you recover
  • Consulting with your doctor and other valuation experts
  • Determining your lifestyle needs after an accident

Navigating Through Insurance Policies

Dealing with insurance companies can seem confusing and intimidating. We use our history of working on personal injury cases to help you navigate your insurance claim. We can advise you on how your injuries fit into insurance provisions and the law and help you pursue the compensation you need to cover your losses following an accident.

Once we have outlined what your needs are, we can advise you on the best way to pursue a compensation value that will address your needs.

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